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JEE 2018

Rank Booster - JEE 2018

  • 2000+ master problems for full syllabus (PCM)
  • Key concepts summarized for all the topics
  • Doubt solving directly from faculty of Bansal Classes (Kota Centre)

Rs. 5,500
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Daily Practice Problems - JEE 2018

  • 160 & 320 daily practice tests across full syllabus (PCM)
  • Hand-picked and well-researched practice questions
  • Report card
  • Answer key

Rs. 4,500
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JEE Advanced Test Series - JEE 2018

  • Examination-pattern relevant quality Question Bank
  • Hints and Solutions
  • Test Analysis with highest and average scores
  • Increase speed along with accuracy

Rs. 6,600
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Achiever's Comprehensive Package – JEE 2018

  • 14000+ practice problems for full syllabus (PCM)
  • Chapter-wise notes for all subjects
  • Solved examples and illustrations
  • Doubt solving support directly from faculty of Bansal Classes (Kota Centre)
  • Subject-wise Daily Practice Problems (same as classroom course)

Rs. 12,500
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Test Series – BITSAT 2018

  • Bi-weekly tests
  • Take tests at your convenience
  • Detailed Report Card
  • Answer key with detailed solutions

The test-series will be announced shortly.
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Bought all the prelims test series papers of Insights about a month before the exam. Spent days and nights on end solving them. In my experience,this was more beneficial than any book or notes I might have read earlier.

A number of questions were repeated directly from insights test series!

Here I want to state that The questions in the tests are tough. They are meant to take you a notch higher than the rest,I believe. therefore,don’t be disheartened if you can’t score a lot on them. I could never score a 100 on any of them! But continue solving them with utmost sincerity and diligence. And the final exam paper will seem like a piece of cake.


Satvat Jagwani

AIR #1, JEE 2015

Nitin Gupta

AIR: 1, 2000

Madhur Tulsiani

AIR: 2, 2001

Dungaram Chaudhary

AIR: 1, 2002

Luv Kumar

AIR: 3, 2003


AIR: 3, 2005

Bhole Abhijit

AIR: 3, 2005


AIR: 1, 2007


AIR: 1, 2008

Shubham Tulsiani

AIR: 2, 2009

Sameer Agrawal

AIR: 23, 2010

Ved Ratan

AIR: 16, 2011

Abhinav Gupta

AIR: 17, 2012

Utkarsh Kumar

AIR: 5, 2013

Shristi Goyal

AIR: 54, 2014

Satvat Jagwani

AIR: 1, 2015


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